Monday, September 11, 2006

A Split Second

I don't have a personal story about today, no touching anecdote to share with you. What I can share, I believe, is the sadness that remains with us 5 years later. Coming on the heels of Katrina's anniversary, the sorrow feels overwhelming.

I think I am feeling particularly melancholy because a friend's son was involved in a car accident this past weekend. Looking at the picture of his totalled car I'm amazed that the kid is alive.

Last week I saw an accident with a bicyclist, it looked like it had just happened. The bicyclist was lying face down on the asphalt and there were several people trying to move him/her but each time one of them yelled "No!" My daughter, who was in the car with me, got a tearful lecture about why I tell her to always wear a helmet, why I always remind her to look both ways.

The only tiny morsel of wisdom that I have to offer you is to hold your loved ones a little bit closer. Remember to say please and thank you and appreciate what small offerings of love are given to you.

Because you see, in a split second your life can change. The life you knew is gone and irrevocably replaced by one you don't recognize and might not want. And then the small tokens of love and memories will mean more than ever.


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