Thursday, August 16, 2012

Travels with KY

This past weekend KY took me to Monterey for my birthday. Because that is where I wanted to go. Because I wanted to be in an actual castle on my actual birthday. And because he loves me. Which he should. And also because he's kinda great. Anyway. We did a lot of stuff, but detailed travel accounts are totally boring so I'll just give the highlights. (Unless you really want to see the slideshow and I can tell you more than you thought you'd ever want to know.)

1. Hearst Castle is a very nice place to be on a birthday. It's not an actual castle, but the guest cottages alone are three times the size of my house, and the pool (one of them) has gold in it, so it counts. However, when they tell you not to touch ANYthing, they mean it. Especially don't set your water bottle on a 2,000-year-old piece of marble. They kinda frown on that.

2. The California coastline was beautiful. My favorite part was how we went in and out of fog and coast clouds and how every now and then there would be a little puff rising from nowhere. KY got the best picture of the clouds hanging out over the ocean (see the slideshow!).

3. I am a total book nerd. Book nerds really need to go to the Steinbeck Center. It's small, but Rocinante is there and when I Facebooked it, nobody commented so then I knew what a huge nerd I really am. I made KY take a picture of me on the pony statue just because it was there. I took tons of pictures of the quotes on the wall, which probably sounds weird, but that's what book nerds do. Because they really love how certain words go together.

4. Planning is helpful because when you go to the Steinbeck house, and want to go inside and eat in the restaurant, you know not to go on Sundays. Which we did. But at least I got to sit on the steps and touch the window, which would have gotten my hands and feet cut off at Hearst Castle.

5. I loved Carmel! I so wish we had spent more time visiting that area. Even though I couldn't afford a sock there, the shops were all still really cute and there was a restaurant named The French Poodle (also closed on Sunday). We took pictures of cars that are normally only seen in magazines that were just casually parked on the street and we appropriately "cute-puppied" every dog that passed by. There were a lot (of both cars and dogs). The dog store was the best and of course I bought presents for the terrors back home.

6. We made two, count 'em - two! trips to In-N-Out. I got a chocolate shake the second time. mmmmmmm..........

7. Cannery Row is cool, even if it's pretty stinky. I couldn't imagine Steinbeck there though, and I'm sure he wouldn't recognize it. It had already changed beyond what he knew when he wrote "Travels with Charley". I doubt they had a Bubba Gump's back in his day.

8. California is beautiful. I saw more of it than I bargained for on our little detour, but it really is. I really miss those rolling hills, even when they're brown. I saw a HUGE lake I didn't know existed and drove by a Whiskeytown. With a Whiskey Lake. I choose to imagine that it's filled with whiskey, but I didn't verify that.

9. Northern Californians are really big into Bigfoot. Bigfoot restaurants. Bigfoot stores. Wooden carvings of Bigfoot. A wooden carving of Shrek. Like from the movie. Don't ask, I couldn't even guess.

10. I have one regret. Out of all the dozens of fruit stands we passed, we didn't stop once. Poo. At least I know what not to miss next time.


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