Thursday, February 26, 2009

Men Vs. Women

There are a couple of guys at work in a contest to lose weight. Each week the loser (of the least amount of weight) buys the winner a sandwich. I think it’s funny that food is the reward in a weight loss contest, but they’re getting the low-fat sandwiches from Subway so maybe that’s not so bad. The thing that really cracks me up is they bring in a scale and weigh themselves right there together, at one of their desks. This I something women would never do. I will tell you how much I’ve lost, I’ll whine about how much I’ve gained, but I will never tell you how much I weigh.

Can you even imagine? I have to weigh myself completely naked in the morning before I’ve had an ounce to eat so that I’m sure I am at my absolute “real” weight. It’s even better after a night of drinking. That dehydration really takes off the pounds! So to weigh myself in front of another human being in the middle of the day after eating and drinking, with five pounds of clothing and heavy snow boots – far too much for my fragile little ego to handle. No thank you.

For the record, I’ve lost 10 pounds. Where’s my sandwich?


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