Monday, January 31, 2011

Bitter, Party of One

Conversation today with a co-worker friend. For real. I make nothing up.

E: well how about this for some suck -- i went out to get in my jeep this morning
and somebody had opened one of those starkist bags of tuna and scattered it all around the inside

Me: bag of tuna?

E: a pouch of tuna, instead of the kind in a can

Me: was the pouch open? like mushy tuna was in your car?

E: yes! the pouch was empty on the floorboard and tuna was splattered everywhere inside my jeep

Me: how did that happen?

E: no idea. some shithead teens in my neighborhood, i guess

Me: yeah, that sucks.
but you're getting married.
so my bad date trumps your tuna car.


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