Friday, January 11, 2013

Where My Mind Goes

I left work early yesterday to take D to a couple of appointments and then met up with some work peeps for a drink after. I was having a conversation with JZ, who sits next to me in the office, when the conversation took a turn for the stupid.

JZ: So who left the panties on my desk?
Me: um...... (blushing and stammering and thinking to myself, WTF?!?!?) Who left WHAT?
JZ: Who left the pennies? There was a stack of pennies when I came back from lunch.
Me: OH! I thought you said PANTIES!
JZ: ha ha ha ha.... Of course you did.
Me: Well, of course it's funny that I heard it that way, but I thought it was really pretentious of you to think that I would be the one to leave panties on your desk. I mean. Really.
JZ: ha ha ha ha ha ha......

To my credit, it was very loud in there.


Robin said...

Dear Ms. Martini,

Just want you to know I appreciate your make me laugh, empathize...and you moved me to help a person near me, even though I couldn't help your sweet Christmas family in need.

Keep on writing!!


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