Thursday, April 25, 2013

Degrees of Separation. Or the Best Celebrity Sighting Ever. Ever!!

I once had a brush with celebrity.

Actually, growing up in Southern California, I probably had several. I was supposedly spotted by a talent scout somewhere in Sun Land, but my mother turned them down. Her first incarnation as puppet master.

I saw Tom Bosley at the pool at the Disneyland hotel when I was 12 or so. Later I caught a glimpse (and a blurry photo) of George Takei, also at Disneyland. I talked to Gedde Watanabe (from Sixteen Candles) in line for the Revolution at Magic Mountain.

I went to Universal Studios enough to have the tour memorized. Clock from Back to the Future? Check. Fake shark from Jaws? Check. Not scary, by the way. Earthquake? Old hat, everyday occurrence.

And then I moved to Oregon. Where limos were not an everyday occurrence. Kevin Costner filmed at Smith Rock but I didn't see that movie. Jennifer Love Hewitt "worked out" at the Athletic Club of Bend. With Mario Lopez. Actually, she just stretched in front of him. She was in my way. While I was earnestly working out to look good on my honeymoon. Yes, this was a lifetime ago.

And then I went to Victoria. Butchart Gardens, to be exact. My ex-boyfriend was totally crushing on a guy that he claimed was on Stargate. Stargate? Wtf, right? Who cares? He followed him around like a little puppy dog. Drooling. I was embarrassed. I tried to verify the sighting casually. Tall? Yes. Dreads? Yes. But he was with an older woman. His mom? Oh, yes. It was Mother's Day weekend. Poor guy, he just wants to be alone with his mom. He turned away every time he caught me looking at him. Annoyed. Irritated. I understood. I pulled the ex-boyfriend away.

Flash forward a few years. I'm watching Game of Thrones. Like the Nerd Girl I am. Except a lot of people I know watch it too so it's acceptable. And then Khal Drogo appears. In all of his ferociousness and base sexiness. That growl. That intensity. I was gone. Gone. And then....

The long hair. Check. That shy look. Check. Oh, dear lord. It's him. I fucking saw Khal Drogo in Victoria, Canada. On Mother's Day. With his mommy. Looking at fucking flowers.

Yeah, he's sexy on Game of Thrones. Khaleesi knows her shit. He's the moon. He is It on a Stick.

And I saw him. With his mommy.

If I had only known. I would have ogled him so hard.
Seriously. So. Hard.


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