Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Boring Unicorns

D got her wisdom teeth out today. I was really, really hoping that I would get one of those funny "after" videos that are plastered all over You Tube. I mean, for $750 it's the least I could ask for.

Not so much.

When I went back, she was under a giant blanket in a wheelchair, simply looking drowsy. Sure, she was puffy and had tampon-like strings hanging out of her mouth, but she was coherent. She answered questions logically. So much for the entertainment. "I thought you were going to talk about unicorns and stuff."

We went to get a shake. While we sat in the car she said, "Did you want me to talk about unicorns?" Um, yeah. Something fun. "I can do that. Unicorns are cute. They can fly, so you can save on gas. You can paint them. And then you can stab someone when you don't like them."

Well, I guess that's worth about a buck fifty.


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