Friday, August 22, 2014

Second Impressions

It's been almost three weeks now and I'm settling into something of a routine. Mostly this routine consists of working and looking for shoe stores and (still) tripping over boxes. My younger, more anal self would have bitch-slapped me for not having it all done yet. Whatever. At least my dogs are settling into a potty schedule and I'm only cleaning up after myself.

Here are my latest observations about my new home:

1. Still finding unexpected pockets of gorgeous homes and neighborhoods. I never know what to expect so every little trip is an adventure.
2. People like to talk on their cell phones while driving. Guess that law hasn't passed here yet.
3. Apparently yellow is the same color as green.
4. I have white guilt. Didn't have it in Southern California so it must be something about knowing that slaves actually lived here. My overcompensation is bound to embarrass me.
5. These people love their Greek. As in sororities and fraternities. You can buy all kinds of sorority-logo shit here.
6. They also like their monograms. There are initials on many doors and framed initials in a bunch of stores. Meta was invented here.
7. It's okay in an office setting to let people know that you dislike same-sex marriage. In other words, you can be a total asshole at work.
8. Fortunately, open (and pretty flamboyant) homosexuality is accepted at Cracker Barrel.
9. I may be destined to never eat at Chick-Fil-A and I'm okay with that.
10. Aside from the discrimination, my job rocks. My co-workers are awesome, I got a recommendation for a shoe store on my way down the elevator, free lunch three days this week, omelettes, Cracker Jacks, and chocolate whenever I need it. Also, there is now an egg of Silly Putty at my desk.


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