Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Groundhogs and Statues and Smoke Monsters. Oh my!

There is a surprisingly lot going on for a Tuesday in February. Probably none of it is truly significant to anyone but me but this is my blog and I get to do what I want here. So there.

1. It’s Remy’s birthday. Of course this is number one, my boy was my first Boston baby. He’s five today and, since I doubt I’ll have time to make him a cake, I set out some steak to thaw this morning. Oh, yes. Nothing is too good for my little terrors! I mean terriers. Terroriers?

2. Groundhog Day. Can someone please explain why a rodent was put in charge of my happiness? The length of my seasonal affective disorder? I suffer from serious vitamin D deficiency, people!. I think it’s time for the marmot to “retire”. Interpret that as you will.

3. Oscar nominees were announced! I love love love the Oscars. I love everything about them. The dresses, the speeches, the glamour, the dresses. It’s like my Superbowl. With the expansion of the Best Film category I have seen 7 out of the 10 nominees. That is much better than my usual 2 out of 5 so I feel like I have actual, educated opinions this year. Yay me.There are several that I really liked so there is less chance at being disappointed by the winner. I stopped having Oscar parties several years ago because I found that too many people talked over the show and I missed what was being said. Rudeness. Tivo kinda changes that; I can rewind/rewatch anything I miss. Maybe I’ll have a party this year. Maybe I’ll just invite a bottle of champagne over. I’m keeping my options open at this point, but the countdown has started.

4. D needs some vaccine updates. Is it bad that I take my dogs in to the vet for their shots more often than I take my daughter to the doctor? She’s not going to be pleased with me tonight.

5. Lost starts tonight! The. Final. Season. I love Lost and have been loyal since the beginning, but I feel like it’s time to end our relationship. It’s just too much work. There has always been unanswered questions, multiple stories (that might be related?), time travel and the addition of new characters that I sometimes just don’t care about. Add to that months-long breaks that make it hard to keep track of what’s going on or continue caring. I plan on making the most of the time we have left; Hurley and the gang best not disappoint.


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