Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Registry. Where You Can Buy Me Stuff.

You know, I really didn't think anyone would take my registry idea seriously. As brilliant as the idea is, I could feel the eye rolls across the internets. People just have no faith in marriage anymore. Then I was talking to a friend who said she would totally purchase a gift for me and to let her know where I am registered. Seconded by another friend a few days later. Which just tells you how good and brilliant my friends are.

I whipped out my wish list and jumped onto Convenient for out-of-towners and in-towners. Do not judge my choices. I realize that a pink Kitchenaid stand mixer may be a little over the top, but it is my most coveted appliance and I will give it an appropriate name. Something like Priscilla. Or maybe Antoinette. Or even Julia. I'll let you know after you buy her for me.

My registry at bedbathandbeyond is under my name; my event is listed as Birthday. You know, in case anyone was seriously offended by same-self marriage. Plus it was a convenient way of letting everyone know when my birthday is. August 11th. Be sure to mark it on your calendars, people. August 11th. I want everyone there. I want the Biggest Party Ever. Only not a surprise party because I want to make sure I look cute and wear the right shoes. August 11th.

In the meantime, happy shopping everyone!


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