Saturday, February 19, 2011

Unemployment Week 2

The second week has been harder than the first.

First, the Negatives.

The week started with Valentine's Day. Unemployed and unattached. There was no way this could be a good day. I tried to get the day canceled, but it apparently makes too much money as a fake holiday for anyone to listen to me. Poo.

I went to the dentist, which sucked enough. But halfway through, I realized a song was playing that reminded me of my ex-boyfriend. In fact, it was "our" breakup song. The hygienist mistook my tears of sadness for tears of pain. I got a free chapstick.

The only man who touched me that day was my chiropractor. Is it dirty that I tried to enjoy it? Of course it was over too fast.

It snowed. A fuckload. Which started my meltdown mid-week. Crying was involved. So was vodka.

The next day some jackhole hit my car. Backed right into me at a stop sign. Yes, "stop" would be the key word here. Backed right up into me, crunched my license plate and drove off.

Oh yeah, I got rejection emails for three of the jobs that I applied for. Not that I'm counting.

Now for the Positives. Because there were a few.

I learned how much my friends watch out for me. MG, thanks for saving me from a night that sounds like something that would have pushed me over the edge into killing myself. JW brought vodka and listened to me cry. The wife made me watch "On a Boat" to cheer me up.

I had an interview and I think it went well. Also got a follow-up email from another prospective job. Fingers crossed that the one I really want will call next week.

After three weeks, three chiropractic adjustments and a massage, I finally woke up pain-free. Had I known my insurance was going to cover it all, I would have done this a long time ago. I've got nine days left and you can bet I am taking full advantage of it. Scheduling three more massages before it's over...

Yesterday I got a tattoo. It's small and only took about 15 minutes, but I love it. While we were waiting for the appointment, we went to another studio. This guy does fucking rad, beautiful work and he wants to do my peacock tattoo!! I am now accepting donations since the price of this one will be equal to a small car.

Sixteen Candles is on. It's movies and pajamas for the rest of the day.

And here's to hoping that next week brings far more positives than negatives.


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