Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week 3

First, I must report there were no meltdowns this week. There were, however, a couple of days of debilitating, mind-numbing depression. The rejections have started flowing in and my ego has taken a beating. I ended the week emotionally exhausted and vowing my forever-friendship with Lexapro. If it could take me to dinner, I would date it.

There were more layoffs at my recent job and my pal JW was laid off yesterday. At least my misery has good company. I'm thinking of starting an Unemployment Club with pajamas as uniforms. We can start drinking before noon and watch movies all day, pooling our limited funds for pizza delivery.

Stupid, wanting-to-take-over-my-life depression aside, the week wasn't all bad.

I planned a trip for my friends' business. They let me plan one with dogs - bonus! It won't be until June, but I am totally looking forward to it since I'll be hosting. Hanging with dogs all day? Always a good idea.

I saw a movie with some girlfriends (plus a token male), read books, ate ice cream, went to happy hour with former co-workers and watched my dog try to have sex. It's like dog porn, but two dogs who are both fixed have no idea what they are doing. They just know they want to do something, right-freaking-now, damn it! Leave it to my dog to provide the comic relief and gross-out moment of the week. All in one. That takes talent.

Tomorrow I've got a date with a little bald man called Oscar. Yep, the Academy Awards are on, my favorite television Event of the year. (Running a close second is the season finale of Dexter.) I don't even care who wins, I'm just going to enjoy the mini-break from Dreary Town and enjoy the glamour.

I did manage to score an interview Monday morning, so cross those fingers, people. I even agreed to do it at 9 a.m., which is unheard of as a wake-up time these days, but since it's a phone interview I can wear my pajamas.

Tuesday is book club, which is truly my fondest activity of the month. I get to eat good food, visit with wonderful people and feel Smart for a while. It will be like a little oasis of acceptance in the desert of rejection I've been stranded in.

I can do without more dog porn though. Seriously, once is enough to last a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

Don't let it get you down. We are living through the worst economic crash since the great depression in a town historically known for a dismal job market. I know lot's of very intelligent, talented people who are having a tough time, including me. I've had to re invent myself and learn to look at life differently than I was taught to. I've learned to value the people in my life a lot more than I used to and to take great pleasure in simple things. It's been two years since I've had a steady job and now I'm able to squeak out a living as a musician (something I always wanted to do) because I didn't have anything else to fall back on. New opportunities often come out of perceived failures! My ego was absolutely crushed after applying for all kinds of jobs and not even being able to get an interview. You're doing pretty well just being able to get some interviews! Hang in there!

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