Friday, July 06, 2012

Quotes From Lunchtime Fun

Me: "Your stomach? Look at mine! I look like I just gave birth to your kid!"
M: "You look like you just breastfed my kid."

Ladies on rafts (LOR): "Where do we go after this?"
Me: "You'll want to go to the left and get out. You don't want to go down the spillway."
LOR: "What happens if we go down the spillway?"
Me: "You get hurt. Possibly badly."
LOR" "Then we won't go down the spillway."

Me: "We're on our lunch break."

Me:"I can work any day of the year. I can't float any old day of the year."

M: "I just cut my martini with an olive. It's a vegetable."
Me: "I just watered my sake down with some sushi."

M: "Katherine, you've been through birth, death, divorce, half-finished with grad school. You're so green - why don't you grow up already?"

M: "Yeah, that guy looked like Vin Diesel."


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