Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lessons Learned at the Oregon Coast

I went on a little couple's retreat to the coast over the weekend. Actually it was kind of a family retreat since the puppies went along and left little room in the bed for us. Whatever. It's my favorite way to sleep.

Here are a few things I learned while I was there.

1. Rocks can be slippery and it hurts when one falls on them. However, I didn't bruise. Maybe I just don't have anymore blood.

2. Sea lions look like they're all best buddies when they're curled up together but they're constantly growling and biting at each other. They're nasty.

3. An excellent breakfast can't be duplicated when you order a different meal the next day. How are eggs and potatoes supposed to measure up to the best burrito ever? Also, it's good to get the one thing on the menu that sounds weird as a breakfast item. Like ham and asparagus crepes. Yum. With brandy sauce. Extra yum.

4. Ruby cares much more about her brother than she lets on. Remy wasn't feeling well after drinking salt water (duh) and spent the drive home shaking and acting pathetic. We covered him with a blanket but Ruby snuggled right up next to him to help keep him warm and comforted. She wouldn't even leave him to come snuggle with me.

5. Tables of Content is the best place for dinner on the coast. More on that later.

6. Not all clam chowders are created equal. Some of them aren't even any good. At all.

7. Traveling with dogs is awesome. They have the joy of discovery like small children without the whining or dirty diapers.


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